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I would like to thank Claudio for a remarkable business consulting. I have been surprised by the cultural change that was generated in a few months, all thanks to his concepts and push as a consultant adviser. I am sure that each one of his contributions gives us an advantage that our customers will appreciate. I would like to emphasize, furthermore, that the concepts of Claudio are absolutely novel and meaningful. Our headquarter company in France is already adopting some of them.

Renzo GhidiniGerente Comercial Nexans S.A - Cables y conductores eléctricos industriales.
Claudio Saavedra has developed for the first time a comprehensive Industrial Brand Equity Model: The IRS Model for Inter business relationships. Thank you for your valuable input to our field.
David Weinstein, Industrial Marketing Consultant & ProfesorINSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.
The consultancy contracted with MIC turned out to be for our company, and in particular for me, as General Manager, very fruitful. Its scope and conclusions showed us a potential that we had not discovered. 
Moreover, working with a person such as Claudio, who is all empathy, makes it more pleasing and entertaining to exchange of views and experiences. They leave a very clear and forceful message. I fully recommend this remarkable service.
Eduardo GardilcicGerente General de Meltec. S.A.
The workshop performed by Dr. Saavedra on building high performance sales teams was a great contribution to our marketing/sales team at Roche Chile. Concetps such as working out-of-the-box and B2B strategic marketing are essential to differentiate the modern sales force. The workshop gave us concepts and tools which we did not know, and that we believe will be of fundamental importance to our future success.
Tan Chui-Mae Product Manager HER2 Franchise Roche Chile
Claudio Saavedra's consulting input was very relevant for our commercial area. It brought us up-tp-date knowledge and practices in Industrial Marketing and Industrial Sales. They even influenced other areas of the organization. Thanks to them, we now know
the importance of the end-user customer, we know how to carry out an industrial market segmentation, and we can better understand our clients. The outcome of this consultancy generated new products, better prices, alignment of the force of sales, design of a correct distribution and a reinforcement of the positioning that we wanted to achieve.
Francisco González GastellouGerente General de Chilcorrofín S.A. Pinturas y recubrimientos industriales.
Claudio Saavedra has helped us to creatively model an industrial service (B2B) that we did not believe that I had so much potential. The ideas are deep and already have high-impact in our organization. It is a cultural change in the way of perceiving the business and the market. The best of all is when MIC showed us that real growth potential comes from a particular philosophy: to believe that the business if about benefiting our customers.
Jaime Astudillo Torres, Gerente División Outsourcing InformáticoATCOM S.A.
The consultancy on Industrial Marketing and Sales performed by Dr. Saavedra has generated an impact in our business culture. Now we understand better the market and to our own products. Its concepts and techniques are leading edge, practical and inspiring. Now we feel that the path of sustainable growth is paved for us.
Juan Carlos Matta BeckdorffGerente Comercial Ceresita Industrial.

Thank you Claudio. Your B2B ideas an coaching have allowed us to grow in a way that surprised us. We owe you much of our success during these first two years of our business.

Tulsi MohinaniGerente General del Centro Mayorista (B2B) Lila EECC, Santiago de Chile.