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INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT was founded in 2007 to develop the strategic marketing and sales of industrial companies. 

Since its founding, INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT has collaborated with the organic growth of companies from various industries. Our success is rooted in the development of new methods for the exploration of industrial markets, effective industrial market segmentation, the generation of new technical products, the development of industrial distributors, pricing strategies, development of consultative sales force, and several others (see subject index in Commercial Industrial Management).

In addition, INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT has performed applied research in the field of Industrial Marketing, whose results have been published in specialized magazines and journals at a global level. 

Our customers are local and global industrial companies a number of categories such as: 

  • Chemical Industry 
  • Electrical Industry and metalworking 
  • Manufacture of industrial components 
  • Mining and raw materials 
  • Industrial Services 
  • Construction and assembly 
  • Distribution or components representations 
  • Distribution or machinery representations 



PhD. Dartmouth College, USA 

Post-Doc University of Geneva, Switzerland. 

MBA Adolfo Ibáñez University, Chile. 

Registree American Marketing Association (AMA) No. 3161887


Dr. Claudio Saavedra is the founder of INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT. He has more than 15 years of experience in the development of industrial markets (business-to-business), and he is one of the most recognized global consultants and educators in industrial marketing. 

Dr. Saavedra comes from both, scientific and commercial background. He has designed and implemented new concepts for the business to business marketing field, such as the IRS Model (metric measuring the quality of relationship between supplier and client organization), the creation of brand for new categories of industrial products, and for industrial market segmentation. 

His consultancy and executive training career has covered companies from US$200,000 annual sales up to the billions of dollars, contributing in each case the increase of profitable and sustainable sales. 

Claudio Saavedra is also a visiting professor of Industrial Marketing for graduate programmes at University of Chile and at Catholic University of Chile. 

Currently, the research of Dr. Saavedra specializes in industrial market segmentation and in the development of new technical products.



Commercial Engineer, UNIVERSIDAD DE CHILE.


Daniel Santibáñez is a Marketing expert. He has specialized in Marketing B2B and has been an Associated Consultant in INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT since 2013, playing an important role advising the business strategy of B2B companies such as SISDEF (Technology for Chilean Navy) and EMPACK (Industrial Packaging). He worked as a Junior Consultant for ARIBA (e-commerce) and in the Economy & Business Department of Universidad de Chile. 

Mr. Santibáñez is currently writing his Master in Marketing Degree thesis: "Industrial Reviews: Suppliers evaluation by their customers"; researching the impact of an Internet web site in the search and selection of Industrial Suppliers, in the transparency and clarification of their offer, and in the evidence of their past work. He is also currently a teaching assistant in Marketing B2B for the Master in Marketing of Universidad de Chile, and for the MBA of Universidad de Chile and Universidad Catolica.