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INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT specializes in providing consulting services in industrial marketing and sales. 

Our customers belong to various industries, from raw materials production to the manufacturing of complex technical components. 

After 15 years of consulting experience, we can declare that our services generate the following benefits: 

1. Cultural change both in commercial areas and in other areas of the organization. 

2. Tangible and metric results in months from the onset of the consultancy. 

3. Sophistication of concepts managed by our customer executives, from senior direction to junior levels. 

4. An experienced support in the implementation of new ideas and concepts. 

5. Quick solution to the problems that arise as a result of the change produced by the new concepts and implementation.

6. Significant savings in time and financial resources in promotional activities that do not conform to modern industrial marketing. 

7. Industrial Marketing and Sales concepts that are deep and paradigmatic, unlike the classic advertising and promotional marketing of mass consumption. 

All of our customers testify to the results of these consultancies in terms of commecial cultural change, new successful products, increases in profitability, sales growth and more importantly, their own customers approval.